Why you should choose Analyst2Hire


The business landscape is changing and employers are looking for ways to reduce costs, specifically employee related costs such as recruitment, training and employee taxes. At the same time, they are also looking at ways to create a more flexible working environment for employees. Finding the right balance could be tough and in some cases, it may affect the quality of projects embarked on and delivered by businesses.

But what if your business can be linked directly to top Business Analysts, Business Architects and Business Consultants, who are happy to take on your projects and deliver them at the right price without the need for you to incur the recurring high employee expenses?

At Analyst2Hire, we provide a secure and safe platform for employers to hire experienced Analysts looking to provide their services on a short term basis. The process is an easy one. Employers post their projects on our platform and the right candidates will compete to deliver your project. Employers can see the candidates’ profiles and reviews from past employers or they can simply request for their resumes via the portal.

Once you have selected the right candidate, you make a deposit for the project and pay a small success fee using our secure platform. We hold on to the money and release it to the candidates either when a milestone is achieved or when the project is delivered and you are satisfied with the final output.

Whilst our Business Analyst, Business Architects and Business Consultants are highly skilled with years of experience, we also support with templates when required to ensure project deliverables are of the best standard.

If you need any support during the project, we are available to ensure your projects are running smoothly and are delivered to the agreed specification. So, why don’t you give it a try today; start making great savings on your recurrent expenses, improve your project turn-around time and work with the best candidates at the right price.

It’s free to join Analyst2Hire. Simply select the link below and follow the steps to register.