How to be a Competent Business Analyst


Communication, communication, communication – that is the essence of being a competent and effective Business Analyst. I have found that by communicating well with all interested parties in the project – from both the business side and technology I can really get to the crux of the issue to help achieve the project objectives.

I love talking to people – that is probably why I am so suited to being a BA! I work very hard to initially build a rapport with the key stakeholders on the project, which invariably helps builds trust on both sides of the fence.

An important piece of advice one of my first managers ever gave to me was that when you start on a project there is no such thing as a stupid question. I ask lots and lots of questions as this is the only way to truly grasp what the project entails and what the real issue is. You can read documents for weeks on end and still not get a true flavour of what the key issues are.

As a BA, it is absolutely crucial for me to have attention to detail in the requirements I elicit from the business and subsequently document in plain and simple English. The key is to identify “what” the business want and the challenge is to question the business to ensure they actually need what they are asking for. At this point I tend to put my financial hat on (yes, I am also a qualified Management Accountant) and ask the difficult financial justification questions of the business. After all there is no point penning a requirement when there is no quantifiable or qualitative benefit to it.

Believe it or not but it can be quite fun being a BA. I am always talking to people, learning about new technologies, new processes, new governance etc. The skills I apply in one project invariably can be used on future projects but the real beauty is working on technologies and in business areas you haven’t experienced before.

I have worked in telecommunications for the last 16 years and have never worked on the same type of project twice. Technology is always improving and as a BA I am always striving to learn and improve with it.

Ubaid Hassan is a Lead Business Analyst with over 16 years’ experience in the Telecom sector. He has been involved in the successful delivery of different transformation and technological projects


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  2. Are there Distance Learning Courses on Business Analyst profession? Could you name a few good ones.
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