Small Consulting Projects and Clients: Are They Really Worthwhile?

As a Freelance Consultant, you may likely come across many small projects than larger ones. But the questions are: How viable are small projects? Would they make economic sense? Are small projects really worthwhile?
Sincerely, I cannot answer any of these questions for you unless I have an insight into your consulting goals. However, I can share some of my thoughts with you so you can reach a conclusion by yourself on the viability of taking small projects. Personally, I prefer working on larger projects because when you work on such projects you have the privilege to create greater value for your clients.
Big project motivates you in other to bring out the best in you since it promises a larger reward. Since, I am not you and most likely our goals are different, I will make my discussion open-minded and let your choice be yours entirely. Now let’s plunge into the real discussion.

Value versus Volume

Although there are certain situations where working on smaller projects really does make sense and can be a very effective strategy, the volume is often overwhelming compared to the values. Undoubtedly, as you work on larger projects, you help your clients create greater values that attract greater compensations for your time and efforts. The truth is that in the world of consulting, it is often the case that when you work on smaller projects, you will be overwhelmed with lots of projects, but with little income to show for it.
The value you will most likely get from these huge volumes of jobs usually won’t be significant enough compared to the time and energy invested into the project. However, working on larger projects can earn you a lot of money. Plus you will not be unnecessarily overwhelmed with huge volume of jobs. If you work mainly with smaller clients on smaller projects, your consulting business will be volume-based because you will have to work with many clients in order to earn the same income that you could achieve while working with fewer clients with larger projects that command higher fees.

Small Consulting Projects Can Work as a Beginner’s Strategy

If you’re just starting out as a consultant, working on small projects might come handy for you as a strategy to get your foot on the ground. Of course, you will need some portfolio to your credit to be able to convince most clients with large projects about your expertise and capability to deliver. So, by working and taking on smaller consulting projects, you will be able to acquire sufficient testimonials that could be used in the marketplace to land clients with larger projects. Thus, small projects can serve as a strategy for beginners who want to land larger clients and build-up track record and experience befitting of a seasoned consultant.

Pitching Your Tent with Small Clients with Greater Potential

Another instance where small consulting project could be a goldmine for you is when you encounter a startup with huge potentials. Yes, it is possible you’ve just met the next Mark Zuckerberg who is still operating on a low budget for a small project that promises huge potentials. If you know that working with a particular startup even on a small project has the potential of given you a lifetime opportunity of working on a retainer fee with an organization that has rapid growth potentials like the cases of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, then building such relationship could be worthwhile for you. In the long run, as the organization expands rapidly, it will soon become that larger company that commands a huge income for you.

Small Consulting Projects Can Help Get Your Foot in the Door

If you have been aiming without any success in the past to secure a huge project from a large company, starting with them on a smaller project could put your foot in the door. Starting off with a smaller project can be a great way to build initial relationship and to show your level of expertise. If you are able to prove that you can add value to a company’s bottom line while working with them on a smaller project, securing a larger project with them will become easier for you. So, small project can be your ticket to working on larger and larger projects for that large client you have been pitching.

Small Consulting Project May Be Your Preferred Niche

May be you are that consultant who had passion for helping startups and you have chosen smaller projects as your preferred niche in the industry, it’s important that you follow your passion. I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with working on small projects if that is where your passion lies. In fасt, following your passion іѕ one оf thе bеѕt decisions you can make іn lіfе. So, if growing your income tremendously through larger projects is not a priority for you, I will advise you to follow your original passion of helping smaller businesses to find their foot. This passion could establish you as an authority in that consulting niche in no distance time given you a deserving recognition beyond your own imagination.


In summary, there is nothing wrong with working on small consulting project if it is your passion or a part of your strategies to achieve greater goals. The real deal, however, is in larger consulting projects. Truth is if you really want to grow your income, achieving it only through smaller consulting projects will be much more difficult. Hence, it will be in your best interest to build structures and implement strategies that will enable you to work with larger clients on larger projects. That is a faster route to earning higher income and commanding better reputation in the consulting industry.
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