Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Analyst2Hire?

    Analyst2Hire is an innovative online platform that connect Employers with different categories of Business Analyst globally. Our unique approach guarantees Employers that a project assigned to a Business Analyst gets completed according to the specified project requirement before payment is released. Our Analysts are also guaranteed that they will get paid for projects they undertake for employers. 
  • Who can be an employer?

    Analyst2Hire is open to companies of all sizes. You could be a company in its formation stage, a sole proprietor, a small company, a medium sized company or a large company with global presence.
  • What type of analyst can join?

    Analyst2Hire can be joined Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Process Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Architect, Systems Architect, Enterprise Architect, Business Systems Analyst, Business Process Analysts, Business Data Analyst and Management Consultants.
  • How are projects priced?

    Projects on Analyst2Hire are priced based on a fixed rate. Although an analyst will have an hourly rate set on their profile, this rate will be used to calculate the anticipated hours per day and anticipated number of days that it would take the analyst to complete the project. A fixed price resulting from this calculation will be used by the analyst to place a bid.
  • What is the payment process like?

    Our payment process has been designed to be straight forward. Once an analyst has been selected and the analyst has accepted the offer, payment is securely transferred to our Analyst2Hire’s “Safe-Keep”. We would hold on to the money until and either pay per approved milestone (if that was agreed during the bid) or pay when the project has been marked as complete by the employer.
  • Can I propose changes to a bid submitted by an analyst?

    Our platform enables employers to ask for more details from the Analyst or to propose a revised bid (different bid price, timeframe, etc.). This capability is available for any analyst who has submitted a bid. You can either select the symbol next to the analyst and select the “contact bidder” option or select the “Private Message Board” button on the top right hand corner of the bid page and select your analyst you wish to contact for a revised bid.
  • How is a project managed on Analyst2Hire?

    Analyst2Hire has the capability for employers and analysts to interact throughout the life cycle of the project. Employers are able to agree with and set milestones for the analysts. Milestone completion can be managed through the workspace. Also documents can be exchanged and communication can be ongoing during the projects. Analyst can send an in-mail to employers and employers can respond directly to the analyst through the in-mail. Employers and analysts will receive email notifications for activities on the Workspace.
  • Will I be notified of the outcome of a bid?

    All analyst who have participated in a bid will be notified whether they have been selected or not.
  • What should I do if an employer asks me to work with them outside of Analyst2Hire?

    Engaging with an employer on the platform and then circumventing the website to work on a project that was posted to the website (or any project with that employer in the future) is strictly prohibited and violates our Acceptable Use Policy. If an employer request that you circumvent our platform, please let us know by sending an email to info@analyst2hire.com. If Analyst2hire learns of an analyst and an employer violating this clause of our Acceptable Use Policy, both the analyst and the employer will be banned from the service.