Data analysis is a process of collecting, processing and performing statistical analysis on data. Pretty much like data scientists, the data analyst role is to determine data that can be utilised to create seamless opportunities to grow a business, simplify problems and define solutions that work. A data analyst evaluates new opportunities for process improvements and better decision making, using specific tools and techniques. The data analyst helps to provide qualitative and quantitative reports that a business can truly rely on to make strategic decisions. They clarify solutions, plans, designs and contribute to maintaining the data systems and relational databases. Your business needs a data analyst to grow, and Analyst2hire can help your organisation bridge that gap by connecting you to qualified data analysts on-demand. The analysts listed on this site have been thoroughly screened for their skills and expertise. Our data analyst have years of experience working across many industry sectors, where they continue to help their organisations mine raw data, manipulate data and transform data into an invaluable output that aids strategic decision making.

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