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Analyst2Hire is a growing community of Consultants who are available to work remotely,on-demand or at your premises, to solve your business challenges.

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Here's how it works

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    1. Post Your projects:

    • Clearly specify your project requirements
    • Use our questionnaires to set a criteria for the project
    • Set your budget
    • Post the job
  2. 2

    2. Hire Consultants:

    • Consultants get notified of your project
    • Consultants complete the questionnaire
    • Consultants bid for the project
    • You review the questionnaires and bids
    • Select the right Consultant for your project.
  3. 3

    3. Collaborate and work with your Consultant:

    • Set Milestones for Consultants
    • Receive screen shots and time-stamp on Consultants work
    • Use the workspace to exchange correspondence with your Consultant
    • Review and approve milestones when completed
    • Approve payment to be released per milestones.
  4. 4

    4. Making a payment:

    • When a Consultant has been selected, you pay a 5% success fee
    • When milestones have been agreed we collect and hold on to the project fee until you approve a milestone.
    • When a milestone has been approved, we release payment per milestone to the Consultant
    • Alternatively, we collect and hold on to the agreed amount before the project commences, when you are satisfied with the project deliverables, we release the funds to the Consultant.

What type of Consultant do you need?

Hire experienced and professional Consultants to complete your projects on time,
at the right cost and to your specification

  • Researching a Market

    • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Analysis & Research
    • New Market Entry Plan
    & more
  • Starting a Business

    • Business Plan
    • Presentation Development
    • SWOT Analysis
    & more
  • Growing a Business

    • Marketing Collateral
    • Marketing Plan
    • New Market Entry Plan
    & more
  • Managing Your Business

    • Financial Projections & Analysis
    • Operating/Process Improvement
    • Pricing Strategy
    & more
  • Raising Capital

    • Fundraising Presentation
    • Advice on Business or Idea
    • Strategic Growth Plan
    & more
  • Selling Your Business

    • Presentation Development
    • Performance Metrics & Benchmarks
    • Company Valuation
    & more